In the boxes labelled "Width" and "Height," enter the width and height you'd like us to build your bookcase, in inches. So, for example, if you have a space that's 3 feet 6 inches wide that you need to fill, you'd enter "42". This is the width of the shelving area of your bookcase, not including any trim pieces. The height entered will also be the height of the shelving area, not including options like feet and crowns. Also, please note that fractional widths and heights are not displayed. If you need a bookcase with a fractional dimension (like 34 1/4"), please use the comments field that appears when you request your quote by clicking the Get Quote button to tell us so.


In this box please enter the number of shelves you'd like to be able to set things on, not including the very top of the bookcase. (You can think of this as the number of "spaces" within your bookcase.) For example, our 5 shelf bookcase has 6 horizontal boards, but only 5 spaces, thus we call it 5 shelves.


The standard depth of our solid pine bookcases is 11 inches. This is measured from the front of the shelf to it's back (note: this is an interior measurement). It does not include any additional mouldings nor the thickness of the backing (which is 1/4 inch plywood). Thus, our 11" deep bookcase, is really 11.25" including the backing. While we offer any depth bookcase, our standard depths are 5.5", 11", 16.5", and 22". Choose from among this group from the drop-down menu. Should you prefer a depth other than one of these four, please let us know via the comments after you press the "get quote" button.


Click the Draw button after entering your dimensions to see a drawing of your bookcase design.